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...this isn't very good, but I like it.

Woah, what happened here? This is nowhere near as good as Peck 1. To be fair, the art/animation and voice acting are top-notch and somehow even better than last time, but the humour just isn't the same. The magic of Peck 1 was how it felt like some kind of fever dream: it starts off as a cute little cartoon about schoolyard baseball, but then things get kind of strange, the plot flies off the rails, and by the end of it you have no idea what the hell you just watched. This one was just "Coach is a grade school bully." That's pretty much it, and pales in comparison.

The biggest problem is that without things being normal for a while, there isn't much of an impact to Coach's antics. What helped the humour in the first episode was the unexpectedness of everything. Here, things start off weird, and it plays off the same kind of weirdness straight through to the end, so you get used to it after a while.

Even disregarding that, there isn't all that much to what Coach does in this episode, either. He just does some typical bully/frenemy stuff to Peck, which is really only made funny by the fact that he's a flabby middle-aged white guy going to school for some reason. The humour of the first episode came not just from the un-plot, but how every angle of Coach's personality was played to the extreme. He was a LIVID coach. He had HORRIBLE nightmares. He was an ENTHUSIASTIC husband/dad/???. This one comes close with the ending, but by that point I just feel sorry for poor Peck!

And that reminds me of the other big problem: Peck didn't do squat the entire time! Other than seeing his test answers (which were funny), Peck spent the whole episode standing around looking kind of sad, or getting beat up like a sandbag. Sure, watching a wimpy, blank-faced cartoon wiener-boy being the butt of abuse can be funny, but first he needs to be a foil to Coach for the insults and slapstick to mean anything.

I write this big long review because you guys have a good thing going with these cartoons and I can see them going places if you can hit the right marks. Keep going with them and I'm sure Peck will capture the hearts of many.

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Very well-made game. The variety of puzzles is great, and the puzzles themselves are impressively tricky! Usually these types of games can be brute-forced with enough trial and error, but the puzzles you designed require a good deal of strategy to be beaten, and leave you deadlocked if you just blindly guess. And other than Maze, Gridlock, and maybe SameGame, I haven't seen these kinds of puzzles before, so this game was a fresh experience.

This isn't even including the generated puzzles! And the level editor, and the multiplayer mode...there's quite a lot of content here! And the whole experience is extremely polished. It's clear a lot of effort went into this.

The music player was also a great touch. I hope you plan on including it in your future games, because it's a handy tool to have!

Overall, fantastic job!

Wow, this is a really impressive game. I love it when a genre is flipped on its head, and you executed the concept of an anti-stealth game perfectly. The game's visuals also did a great job of explaining & supporting the mechanics without being explicit, and weren't just pretty for the sake of being pretty. (I would have liked the camera "beacons" to be a bit easier to notice, though.) And nice work with HTML5 medals! It's always great to see a game that helps a whole platform progress.

The story and atmosphere is also great, as it both supports and is supported by the gameplay, and delivers a good message even if it does come across as a tad pretentious. However, to really hit home with the point that's trying to be made with the story, the negative effects of hyper-surveillance should be more significant to the protagonist in-universe. I know this is only a glimpse of what the full game will offer, but right now it seems like the evils of the game's world that are obvious for the player aren't necessarily so for someone who has lived in that world all her life. What seems twisted to us may be normal for her, despite her apparent discomfort & insecurity throughout the game--for instance, she seems pretty okay with the idea of "criminals" being tranquilized. There needs to be something that gives Poppy a reason to see her world the way we see it. (By the way, these are recommendations, not complaints. I also assume there are already things planned for the story that will address this, but I feel I should say it anyways.)

Overall, great concept, great execution, great presentation, great everything. I'm looking forward to the full game!

I enjoyed playing this! The weight distribution mechanic prevented this game from being just another "catch" game, even though it was implemented in a simple way. For a game of this scale I don't have many complaints--the visuals were simple, yet appealing and informative; and the gameplay was simple and fun--but two problems are the lack of instructions, and slowdown.

I know the instructions are in the comments, but it would have been nice to see them in-game. Even a bit of text on the home screen would have been a great help. Without knowing the instructions, the in-game balance bar (as helpful as it is) doesn't mean anything. (I'm aware I have been guilty of this same oversight, but that's why I'm pointing it out; I have since realized how much this impacts a game.)

The game also suffers from slowdown once a few dozen ladders are stacked, which didn't surprise me since having lots of elements in a Flash game usually results in sluggishness, and you probably wanted to keep the stacked ladders around to keep their impact on the balance. But next time you deal with something like this, try thinking of some kind of workaround that lets you remove offscreen items so as to speed the game back up.

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Reason is a good program

But it's expensive :S

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Nicely done! The scenery is so detailed and varied that it's hard to tell this is even a loop at all. I'm sure we'll see the sky aaaaany second now...

Kamikaye responds:

Thanks ! Just keep on watching :)

Nice! The Ruby-Spears influence is strong with this one!

The colouring on this is indeed great, especially on the pulp-style space suit. The vibe is totally on point, especially with the beer cans scattered about. The attention to detail on the plants (particularly the little power sources) is also much appreciated. This could work pretty well on a t-shirt :P

My only complaints are that the moon seems a bit too small, and maybe a bit too far to the left. Widescreen remaster when?

ClockMushroom responds:

Thank you very much for your extensive critique! :-) I could spend hours and hours just coloring a single shoe or piece of space debris, I like that moment when you've been in the coloring tunnel for ages and then move your head back and look at this little detail and how it came to life, along with the other elements :D

Your complaints are justified. I wanted to create some sort of surrealism, in the end it is a capture of a mindset, mood and opinion, not of an actual space trip (for example, how is this mate supposed to drink? :-D) but I might consider this for the remaster in a distant future.


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