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Happy New Year

2012-12-31 12:42:47 by mr-johnson22

Another month, another submission. Unfortunately, my pile of old junk from which I'm drawing from to fuel these submissions is drawing dangerously thin. I would have liked to have made something holiday-related for this month, but a lack of time and ideas tends to hinder such actions.

Hopefully this will change by next year. Which begins TOMORROW! Hope everyone has a good and SAFE time tonight.

I've been working on a game for a ludicrously long amount of time. Rather, it's more accurate to say I *started* working on it a long time ago. I'd really like to have it finished by January, and considering I wanted to be finished since the summer, it's about time I got this thing done. Will it happen?? We'll see. Whenever it happens, expect a big post explaining who I am and what I intend to do here.


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